• doc
    Supply of vaccines to health facilities
    Tibbiyot Dunyosi has extensive experience in delivering vaccines to medical institutions of Uzbekistan. We recognize the importance of addressing sanitary and epidemiological problems in the country, and each year on the initiative of The Center, charitable activities in support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan are conducted. Over the period 2011-2014, we initiated […]
  • hz
    Centres for sampling tests at health care facilities in Tashkent
    Tibbiyot Dunyosi has established 5 blood sampling centres in Tashkent. These centres are located in State hospitals and clinics for the convenience of patients. High quality diagnosis and precision is guaranteed. Tibbiyot Dunyosi  plans to open an additional number of centres In the near future, bringing the total number of centres to 10 – 12. The feasibility […]
  • ukol
    Supply of influenza and hepatitis B vaccine
    Tibbiyot Dunyosi continues to develop charitable activities, we have implemented many projects to provide humanitarian assistance to medical institutions of Uzbekistan. 2015 was declared the Year of Attention and Care for the Older Generation. Tibbiyot Dunyosi Company has launched a project for the organization of humanitarian supplies of 1,500,000 doses of hepatitis B vaccine and 15,000 […]