• dermatologiya
    (Русский) Лор-врач
  • pediatriya
    (Русский) Иммунолог-педиатр
  • terapiya
    (Русский) Детский хирург
  • oftalmologiya
    (Русский) Детский офтальмолог
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      No matter how carefully we observe the rules of personal hygiene, all of us are the potential patients of the parasitologist.His work is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the cause of which are the various parasites that are resident in the human body. There is an army of parasites, worms, amoeba, chlamydia, fungi, […]
  • nevropatologiyaiya
    The human nervous system is an extremely complex and delicate device and therefore disease related problems of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system should be treated with special attention.Diseases of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system are treated by a neurologist, a visit to whom cannot be postponed when even the […]
  • ginekologiya
    A gynecologist occupies an important area in women’s health. This doctor bears the responsibility for possible conception and birth of healthy children.Therefore, the regime of planned visits to the doctor is at least twice a year. Note particularly that the frequency of such visits applies to all women. The visits are necessary for the timely examination and […]
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    Treatment room
    The treatment room of TD-Service Medical Center is a zone of special attention of our staff and patients. It is hard to imagine any medical facility without such a treatment room.To assign the patient an effective treatment is the duty of a doctor and it is only one step on the road to recovery. For the […]