The liver is a vital human organ and it is extremely fragile and very hardworking. Every day, it can withstand severe loads, performing a variety of different biological functions. It can do this for a long time without showing any signs of an existing illness. You may feel heaviness in your subcostal area, or pain and tingling that usually pass quickly and do not make themselves felt. This is until a very critical moment when the disease reaches a serious phase. It is therefore important time to be examined, to identify illnesses that affect the liver and immediately start treatment.

Among the many assets of the Tibbiyot Dunyosi Center are two new production units of FIBROSCAN from our partners in France. The painless and safe procedure performed by the modern FIBROSCAN machine, will determine the degree of fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver within 5-10 minutes. Medical advice can be given immediately and results surveyed.

FIBROSCAN is the latest technology of non-invasive examination of the liver and hepatobiliary system. The procedure does not require hospitalization or preliminary examination or preparation of the patient. The FIBROSCAN method is absolutely non-traumatic (by impact it is equivalent to the ultrasound procedure) but very informative and has a high degree of accuracy to identify the severity of fibrotic changes in the liver. It includes diagnosis of the early stages of cirrhosis. Repeating the procedure at different time assists in the dynamics of treatment and the monitoring of its effectiveness. The FIBROSCAN method is suitable for people of all ages and it has been used successfully on pediatric patients.

Patients who are at risk are all strongly recommended to have a FIBROSCAN procedure. This includes those who have reason to believe that there is a presence of chronic liver disease and those with chronic viral hepatitis B, C and D. Patients diagnosed with cirrhosis and patients who planned to carry out antiviral therapy to assess the degree of liver fibrosis in dynamics before, during and after treatment are also recommended to do so.

 For the FIBROSCAN procedure you can go to the following addresses:

Institute of Virology
 7a,Yangishahar Street, Yunus-Abad – 3, Tashkent.
Phone +998 95 197 58 50  

The head office of theTibbiyot Dunyosi Medical Cente:     
11, Gagarin Street, 
Chilanzar – 2, Tashkent.
Phone: +998 71 277 50 90,  998 71 277 00 69

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