About us

In 1995 our company was established. The name of the company was “POSBON MEDICAL LTD”. At that time the business was concerned with purchase and sale of vaccines, serums, culture mediums and equipment for Sanitary and Epidemiology service .The staff consisted of only 6 people.

In 1998  on the base of “POSBON MEDICAL LTD” we established a joint venture “FENIX INTERNATIONAL ”. Besides our activities we begun purchasing analyzers and tests for immune-enzyme analysis from USA and PCR analyzers and reagents. The staff number had by now increased to 16 people.

In 2004 on the base of the Joint Venture “FENIX INTERNATIONAL” “TIBBIYOT DUNYOSI” was established. We opened 2 immunization centers in Tashkent that serviced the city and broadened our activities to include purchase and sales. Our partners during that period were GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Pasteur, Serum Institute of India and other. Our staff increased to 38 people.

In 2012 -2013 we opened immunization branches in many different parts of our Republic and increased the number of centers in Tashkent. We now had 29 immunization branches, employing 212 people. We cover the whole Republic and offer Hepatitis-A, Hepatitis-B, DTaP, MMR, Poliomyelitis, Yellow Fever, HPV, Meningococcal Polysaccharide vaccine ACWY, Influenza for immunizations. And every day we immunize more then 650 people.

We also opened a medical center ‘TD-SERVICE’  which has a laboratory where we can perform over 600 tests and have experienced nurses, doctors as gynecologists, neuropathologists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists etc.

In 2014-2015 we opened 8 parasitological centers in Andijan, Urgench, Bukhara, in the outlying districts of Tashkent and Tashkent city where we can detect and treat parasites with equipment manufactured in UK. There are also two branches in which there are ultrasonic scanning and Fibroscan equipment , produced in France, which can by  non-invasive method detect density of liver and every day in this branches more then 70 people check their livers. Now we have 39 branches and our staff  increased to 242 people. We have 4 engineers who are servicing not only our equipment but equipment of other centers and clinics as well.

Today we are working with leading producers from China, Europe, US and other countries.

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