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The partners of Tibbiyot Dunyosi are only reputable companies. They are creators and producers of vaccines and reagents and recognized leaders in the production of medical equipment, medicines, high-tech equipment and consumables for medical facilities. 

sanofiSanofi Pasteur (France)
The largest company in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the development and production of human vaccines. On account of this company, many discoveries that have become a turning point in the history of medicine and that have saved millions of lives have been made. Sanofi Pasteur is committed to innovation, has close partnerships with leading biotech companies and research organizations, and to this day remains the largest producer of vaccines in the world.

gsk1GlaxoSmithKline (England)
One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Each year it produces more than 3 million doses of vaccines against more than 15 diseases and develops and manufactures innovative products including preventive and pediatric vaccines. Today the company has registered more than 30 vaccines, most of which are combined vaccines for all age groups aimed at comprehensive prevention of 2-6 illnesses simultaneously. GSK Division – GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals has signed partnership agreements with governments and academic research institutions for the establishment of an HIV vaccine.

logo-serum-institueSerum Institute of India (India)
The world’s largest producer of vaccines in terms of the number of doses produced and sold. (over 1.3 billion) This includes vaccines against polio, tetanus, pertussis, BCG, hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella. 65% of children around the world at least once have a vaccination produced by Serum Institute. The products of the company are accredited by the WHO. Its vaccines save millions of lives around the world and are used in almost 140 countries through national immunization programs.

CertestCertest (Spain)
Is an independent, private company working in the field of biotechnology and specializes in the manufacture of products for  ‘in vitro’ diagnosis. Certest Biotec develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of products for rapid diagnosis and has extensive experience in the production of diagnostic test kits. The company strictly follows the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards of quality system and the requirements of the European directive on medical devices for in vitro diagnostics 98/79 / EC.

rochediagnosticsRoche Diagnostics (Germany)
Ranks among the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, ranking first in the world in the field of diagnostics. It develops and manufactures diagnostic instruments and devices for self-testing. The company’s strategy is the development of personalized medicine, which allows it to produce innovative products and modern diagnostic tools to save, prolong and improve the quality of life.

sysmexSysmex (Japan)
Is a developer and manufacturer of diagnostic solutions for medical laboratories around the world. The equipment ranges from simple CBC-analyzers to automated systems that analyze the hematological field in varying complexities. Sysmex is one of the leading European laboratory diagnostic and healthcare companies and a global market leader in the field of hematology diagnostics and related services.

HitachiHitachi (Japan)
Is a manufacturer of high-tech, unique premium equipment and medical devices. Some of them are rightfully recognized as the highest quality and high-tech in the world. Japanese medical equipment incorporates unique and innovative technology and the highest reliability, becoming a powerful system with premium uncompromisingly accurate results and high quality imaging.

Qiagen (Germany)

Is a world leader in the development and production of reagents and equipment for basic and applied research in the field of molecular biology. The company’s portfolio contains a full line of research kits for DNA, RNA, proteins and living cells compatible at all stages. It presents a wide spectrum of systems, development of new facilities, systems, separation, stabilization and clean up systems for the study of their properties. They have full sets of reagents for PCR in real time). 

60-1-mAloka (Japan)
Develops, creates and distributes of a wide range of innovative medical devices worldwide. They are manufacturers  of diagnostic ultrasound devices, radiation measurement equipment, nuclear magnetic imaging systems, bone densitometers, devices for the clinical laboratory and other equipment. They are market leaders in the development and production of ultrasonic equipment. Using the latest developments of the company allows the creation of high-quality ultrasound machines and the performance of complex diagnostic tests.

haierHaier (China)
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional and household equipment, including medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers for storage of plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, microbial agents, genetic and other laboratory materials. Their equipment is used in scientific research institutes, blood transfusion stations, hospitals and sanitary-epidemiological service centers.

interlabservisInterLabService (Russia)
The company aims to introduce a broad public health practice and science of Russia and the CIS with new advanced technologies of molecular diagnostics. The company provides comprehensive solutions for high-tech products for molecular diagnostics. It is the leader in the Russian market of complex equipment PCR laboratories in both Russia and the CIS with modern equipment from leading manufacturers. Turnkey projects include a set of reagents for PCR diagnosis of infectious diseases and laboratory plastics for PCR.

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