About the laboratory

 A special place in the heart of Tibbiyot Dunyosi Medical Center is occupied by the clinical diagnostic laboratory. It is equipped according to European standards, in accordance with WHO recommendations. It is a unique research center of advanced technology laboratory medicine of which we are rightly proud. 

Here, are modern automatic analyzers of the latest generation from the world leaders in the field of Laboratory Instrumentation (ROCHE diagnostics, Sysmex, Hitachi, Human, Qiagen) This equipment gives expert results with an accuracy of 99.9% and avoids the errors associated with manual manipulation.

   The main principle of the laboratory is delivering a high quality of research and immediate delivery of the results. The equipment is serviced by an * LIS program, assigning the patient a bar code when registering. Total confidentiality of information is assured and the system is able to send analysis results to the place of sampling electronically. Using the barcode LIS program also eliminates the possibility of errors due to human factors. 

    The spectrum of laboratory tests carried out in the clinical diagnostic laboratory today is more than 300 tests, including biochemical, immunochemical, parasitological diligence, cardiac markers, ALLERGODIAGNOSTICS, drug monitoring, coagulogy and many others. In the next six months, the number of ongoing studies will increase to 500 tests. 

   In the Tibbiyot Dunyosi Medical Center there is a Real Time PCR-laboratory. Real-Time PCR is the latest technique to study the genomes of pathogens at the level of DNA and RNA and is widely used in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. It can detect even a single microorganism in the human body.  Real Time Technology is an analysis that gives instant results such as the pathogen quantitative content, the elimination of false-positive results, pre-clinical and retrospective diagnosis of infections in the incubation period and diagnosis of not only acute but latent infections as well. Real Time PCR is performed in the Tibbiyot Dunyosi laboratory by means of the advanced six channel thermal cycler Rotor-Gene Q, manufactured by QIACENE (Germany).

PCR is effective for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis B, C, D, bacterial and viral infections such as Helicobacter pylori and is used in gastroenterology, urology, gynecology, pulmonology, neurology, oncology, hematology, neonatology, forensic science, clinical genetics, and other areas of medicine .

Working with samples in the PCR laboratory is carried out in a special box with special conditions and sterility. The DNA in the tube is not exposed to the   room in order to avoid false results for the other samples. All methods are highly sensitive and specific and focused on prevention and early diagnosis of diseases in the incubation period.

Tibbiyot Dunyosi has established 5 blood sampling venues in Tashkent. These venues are located in State hospitals and clinics for the convenience of patients. High quality diagnosis and precision is guaranteed. Tibbiyot Dunyosi  plans to open an additional number of venues In the near future, bringing the total number of venues to 10 – 12. Currently, work is under way on the organization of the Tibbiyot Dunyosi Center branches throughout Uzbekistan. Branches will be opened  in Ferghana, Andijan, Bukhara, Khorezm and Termez.

Tibbiyot Dunyosi Clinical diagnostic laboratory offers the highest accuracy in results and a wide range of research, performed in the shortest time.

* Laboratory Information System

All analyzers and reagents are registered in the Republic of Uzbekistan; automatic analyzers installed in the clinical diagnostic laboratory meet all the modern standards of diagnosis recommended by the WHO.


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