Centres for sampling tests at health care facilities in Tashkent



Tibbiyot Dunyosi has established 5 blood sampling centres in Tashkent. These centres are located in State hospitals and clinics for the convenience of patients. High quality diagnosis and precision is guaranteed. Tibbiyot Dunyosi  plans to open an additional number of centres In the near future, bringing the total number of centres to 10 – 12.

The feasibility of the project

Tibbiyot Dunyosi Laboratory,  with equipment from leading manufacturers, ensures highly accurate analysis. The equipment is serviced by an * LIS program, assigning the patient a bar code when registering. Total confidentiality of information is assured and the system is able to send analysis results to the place of sampling electronically. Using the barcode LIS program also eliminates the possibility of errors due to human factors. 

Service at such a high level in government hospitals and clinics is not possible due to the lack of required laboratory and diagnostic equipment.

In addition, the sampling centre at a medical facility in the community will save a patient time because of the delivery of the analysis and findings to an external laboratory where his sample was taken. The patient will not have to go to the lab twice, and then back to the reception to his doctor.

At the centres of analysis we only offer those kinds of analyses that the clinics and hospitals where these centres are located can not carry out on their own. This will make it easier to monitor the competitiveness and the quality of the analyses. Our plan is to provide possible assistance to medical facilities in the territories where a centre for biomaterials collection exists.

  • Free analysis in the amount of 2% of the volume of our services
  • Free laboratory products for laboratories in the amount of 50 million soums
  • An annual event for medical institutions using spatulas – a donation of one million spatulas in the amount of 234 million soums
  • Free supply of hub cutters and needles and sharps containers to reduce the risk of infecting medical personnel.
  • Free vaccination of the medical staff of health facilities exposed to the risk of contracting hepatitis B
  • On the spot sampling tests and immediate results for patients critically ill in medical establishments.
  • Organize seminars with the participation of well-known scientists to improve the skills of doctors in different areas of the health system

Part of the profits from the activity analysis at the centres of bio-material collection at medical and preventative treatment facilities of Tashkent and Tashkent region, we plan to use to finance the operation of two plants with five incinerators for the destruction of medical waste. The plants are of social importance because their realization will effectively help to fight the spread of infectious and viral diseases.

Centres for sampling tests at health care facilities in Tashkent

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