Preparation for vaccination

In carrying out the vaccination procedure, Immuno-C Vaccination Center takes many measures aimed at the elimination of complications after vaccination.

Before being vaccinated, patients should receive medical advice. A careful examination is made, the patient is asked questions and information is gathered about temperature and other important parameters. Tell your doctor the purpose of vaccination. Say if it is for the vaccination calendar, emergency vaccination or a seasonal vaccination. State the details of your child’s health condition for the preceeding two weeks. During this period there should not have been any acute manifestations or exacerbation of chronic disease. Be sure to tell the doctor about the date of the last vaccination. It should be borne in mind in advance that the gap between the administration of the two vaccinations should be at least 30 days.

During repeated immunizations and in the presence of a reaction to previous administration of vaccine, more medical consultation is needed.

Patients of all ages, who have a medical history at a clinic should get permission from their specialists to be vaccinated. After vaccination the doctor at the Center observes the patient for thirty minutes. This is necessary so that expert assistance can be provided in the event of an anaphylactic reaction in the patient.

For three days after vaccination, the Nurses Center provides phone patronage. Depending on the nature of the vaccine and the nursing of the patient, this may be prolonged.


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