About the company

In 1995 our company was established. The name of the company was “POSBON MEDICAL LTD”. At that time the business was concerned with purchase and sale of vaccines, serums, culture mediums and equipment for Sanitary and Epidemiology service .The staff consisted of only 6 people.

In 1998  on the base of “POSBON MEDICAL LTD” we established a joint venture “FENIX INTERNATIONAL ”. Besides our activities we begun purchasing analyzers and tests for immune-enzyme analysis from USA and PCR analyzers and reagents. The staff number had by now increased to 16 people.

In 2004 on the base of the Joint Venture “FENIX INTERNATIONAL” “TIBBIYOT DUNYOSI” was established. We opened 2 immunization centers in Tashkent that serviced the city and broadened our activities to include purchase and sales. Our partners during that period were GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Pasteur, Serum Institute of India and other. Our staff increased to 38 people.

In 2012 -2013 we opened immunization branches in many different parts of our Republic and increased the number of centers in Tashkent. We now had 29 immunization branches, employing 212 people. We cover the whole Republic and offer Hepatitis-A, Hepatitis-B, DTaP, MMR, Poliomyelitis, Yellow Fever, HPV, Meningococcal Polysaccharide vaccine ACWY, Influenza for immunizations. And every day we immunize more then 650 people.

We also opened a medical center ‘TD-SERVICE’  which has a laboratory where we can perform over 600 tests and have experienced nurses, doctors as gynecologists, neuropathologists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists etc.

In 2014-2015 we opened 8 parasitological centers in Andijan, Urgench, Bukhara, in the outlying districts of Tashkent and Tashkent city where we can detect and treat parasites with equipment manufactured in UK. There are also two branches in which there are ultrasonic scanning and Fibroscan equipment , produced in France, which can by  non-invasive method detect density of liver and every day in this branches more then 70 people check their livers. Now we have 39 branches and our staff  increased to 242 people. We have 4 engineers who are servicing not only our equipment but equipment of other centers and clinics as well.

Today we are working with leading producers from China, Europe, US and other countries.


Stations for the destruction of medical waste


The Tibbiyot Dunyosi Center intends to implement a socially significant project for the Republic in the form of two plants for the destruction of medical waste and bio-material. In 2015 we plan to commission two stations, equipped with 5 incinerators* that will ensure safe destruction of medical waste. The plants will conform to international environmental standards and destroy medical waste at a temperature of 1200o C. In December 2014, we sent a letter to the Cabinet of Ministers suggesting the idea and received approval for the project.

WHO strongly recommends the widespread organization of incinerator stations as the best method of fighting against the global spread of infectious and viral diseases.

Incenerator-11Successful implementation of the incinerator project  depends on timely funding. We plan to attract foreign investment, and as an additional source to cover our expenses for the organization, maintenance and operation of the stations, we are expanding our activities in the laboratory and opening branches at public hospitals and clinics in Tashkent and the Tashkent region. In the start-up and initial development, the project will be unprofitable. Collecting the waste and opening the waste collection stations will be a source of additional financing for the project.

We hope that we will have co-operation from the officials of all medical establishments in opening the waste collecting stations. We also hope that we will have assistance from the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan in the opening of the waste collecting stations. The implementation of the project depends on this.

* Incinerator – a device for the thermal destruction (burning at high temperatures) of medical and biological waste. Given that a large percentage of medical waste is plastic, environmentally safe destruction which takes place under special conditions such as in incinerators, can not only prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but also ensure that waste disposal is safe from an environmental point of view.  


WHO strongly recommends the widespread organization of incinerator stations as the best method of fighting against the global spread of infectious and viral diseases.
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Supply of influenza and hepatitis B vaccine


Tibbiyot Dunyosi continues to develop charitable activities, we have implemented many projects to provide humanitarian assistance to medical institutions of Uzbekistan.

2015 was declared the Year of Attention and Care for the Older Generation. Tibbiyot Dunyosi Company has launched a project for the organization of humanitarian supplies of 1,500,000 doses of hepatitis B vaccine and 15,000 doses of  influenza vaccine for a total of $ 3,441 million. This is intended for hospitals and clinics across the country.

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Supply of vaccines to health facilities


Tibbiyot Dunyosi has extensive experience in delivering vaccines to medical institutions of Uzbekistan. We recognize the importance of addressing sanitary and epidemiological problems in the country, and each year on the initiative of The Center, charitable activities in support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan are conducted. Over the period 2011-2014, we initiated and organized the delivery of humanitarian assistance in various hospitals and clinics of the Republic. 

  • In 2011 we carried out the supply of free hepatitis B vaccine in the amount of $ 426,500. 
  • In 2012, we made repairs, and equipped psychiatric clinics with necessary laundry equipment for a total of 987 million soums.
  • In 2014, we organized a free supply of 50,000 doses of hepatitis A vaccine in the amount of 3,246,420,978 soums and made repairs to the premises of the “Sihat Salomatlik” shop in the amount of 52.8 million soums.

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Production of plastic containers


Tibbiyot Dunyosi Company plans to organize and develop the production of plastic containers of various shapes and sizes, intended for the storage of used medical waste and its subsequent destruction at our stations for the destruction of medical waste

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Centres for sampling tests at health care facilities in Tashkent




Tibbiyot Dunyosi has established 5 blood sampling centres in Tashkent. These centres are located in State hospitals and clinics for the convenience of patients. High quality diagnosis and precision is guaranteed. Tibbiyot Dunyosi  plans to open an additional number of centres In the near future, bringing the total number of centres to 10 – 12.

The feasibility of the project

Tibbiyot Dunyosi Laboratory,  with equipment from leading manufacturers, ensures highly accurate analysis. The equipment is serviced by an * LIS program, assigning the patient a bar code when registering. Total confidentiality of information is assured and the system is able to send analysis results to the place of sampling electronically. Using the barcode LIS program also eliminates the possibility of errors due to human factors. 

Service at such a high level in government hospitals and clinics is not possible due to the lack of required laboratory and diagnostic equipment.

In addition, the sampling centre at a medical facility in the community will save a patient time because of the delivery of the analysis and findings to an external laboratory where his sample was taken. The patient will not have to go to the lab twice, and then back to the reception to his doctor.

At the centres of analysis we only offer those kinds of analyses that the clinics and hospitals where these centres are located can not carry out on their own. This will make it easier to monitor the competitiveness and the quality of the analyses. Our plan is to provide possible assistance to medical facilities in the territories where a centre for biomaterials collection exists.

  • Free analysis in the amount of 2% of the volume of our services
  • Free laboratory products for laboratories in the amount of 50 million soums
  • An annual event for medical institutions using spatulas – a donation of one million spatulas in the amount of 234 million soums
  • Free supply of hub cutters and needles and sharps containers to reduce the risk of infecting medical personnel.
  • Free vaccination of the medical staff of health facilities exposed to the risk of contracting hepatitis B
  • On the spot sampling tests and immediate results for patients critically ill in medical establishments.
  • Organize seminars with the participation of well-known scientists to improve the skills of doctors in different areas of the health system

Part of the profits from the activity analysis at the centres of bio-material collection at medical and preventative treatment facilities of Tashkent and Tashkent region, we plan to use to finance the operation of two plants with five incinerators for the destruction of medical waste. The plants are of social importance because their realization will effectively help to fight the spread of infectious and viral diseases.

Centres for sampling tests at health care facilities in Tashkent

Tibbiyot Dunyosi has established 5 blood sampling venues in Tashkent. These venues are located in State hospitals and clinics for the convenience of patients. High quality diagnosis and precision is guaranteed. Tibbiyot Dunyosi plans to open an additional number of venues In the near future, bringing the total number of venues to 10 – 12
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  • 22 April, 2015,
    Делали исследование на аппарате Фиброскан. Удалось обнаружить болезнь в самой начальной стадии. Теперь приступаем к лечению, надеемся на благополучный исход.
  • 22 April, 2015,
    Центр Вакцинации
    Доброго дня! Делали прививку АКДС в вашем Центре вакцинации, все три (пока) прививки перенесли легко и без осложнений. Наш врач рекомендовал делать плановые и другие необходимые прививки именно у вас, и был абсолютно прав.
  • 17 April, 2015,
    Благодарю врачей Медцентра за внимание и заботу!
    Благодарю врачей Медцентра за внимание и заботу!
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