Medical Center

TD-Service Medical center opened in 2014 and provides quality medical care in conjunction with a universal set of diagnostic and treatment services. TD-Service Medical Center has diversified treatment to the highest international standards and is equipped with innovative equipment from leading manufacturers. This enables us to minimize errors and ensure the quality of the results of diagnosis and treatment. 

Today, the medical center has a team of qualified doctors of various specialties, including  a treatment room  and an Ultrasonic diagnostic room. 

The USD room is equipped with a high-precision ultrasound machine. The expert class Japanese ultrasound ALOKA Alpha 6, is intended for research of internal organs which permits determination of the site of the disease and the degree of its development with the utmost precision. Therefore, prescription of the optimal treatment system is given and positive dynamics in recovery are achieved .

For patients suffering from diseases of the liver, we propose a study on the FIBROSCAN (France) unit.  Fibroscan is the the latest technology of non-invasive examination of the liver and hepatobiliary system. The procedure does not require hospitalization or preliminary preparation of the patient.To determine the degree of fibrosis and cirrhosis takes 5-10 minutes and the patient can immediately get advice and the results of the survey. The FIBROSCAN method is safe and painless and very informative and allows you to accurately identify the degree of fibrotic changes in the liver, including diagnosis of the early stages of cirrhosis. The procedure may be repeated for the investigation of the dynamics of the treatment and control of its effectiveness. The FIBROSCAN method is suitable for people of all ages, it has been used successfully in pediatric patients.  

We try to create the most comfortable atmosphere for you. The main goal of our doctors is to take care of your health and do whatever is necessary. The task of the medical center is to generate optimal conditions for a speedy healing process and to minimize the time spent healing. The medical center has  established team work among the doctors of the medical center and  laboratory  to ensure optimal speed, accuracy and quality of diagnosis and treatment.

TD-Service Medical center where prevention, treatment and diagnosis are at the highest medical level!

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