A list of services at the Center

The TD-Service Medical Center has a team of highly qualified doctors specializing in various medical fields. We provide diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from diseases of the nervous and  endocrine systems. We deal with parasitologygastrointestinal diseases , ENT diseases and diseases of the female sexual sphere. In the medical center, run by general practitioners, there is a qualified therapist and  pediatrician who operate a treatment room. The treatment room provides a number of basic medical procedures. There is also an Ultrasound room that provides a wide range of ultrasound examinations by means of the advanced Japanese ALOKA Alpha 6 apparatus that gives accurate and detailed information on the results of diagnostics.

Our Medical Center is a multidisciplinary medical-diagnostic clinic that has its own clinical diagnostic laboratory. This arrangement creates convenience for patients and is the continuation of the process of diagnosis and treatment. The laboratory carries out a wide range of research (more than 300 tests) covering the vast majority of possible diseases of the human body.

The Medical Center has a functioning unit of the latest generation of FibroScan that is used for detecting liver disease, including the early stages of development. FIBROSCAN is painless and safe and is an extremely informative procedure. It gives detailed results of the study.

Our advantages are high-tech equipment and a qualified and responsible attitude to business. The cost of medical services of our Center is optimized as much as possible, taking into account the capabilities of our patients.


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