Preparation for analysis

For accurate and reliable test results, it is necessary to observe a number of requirements and prepare your body properly. There are some general rules that apply to all kinds of tests and some studies require special preliminary preparation including restrictions on diet and taking medication.

Consultation with a physician or a specialist at Tibbiyot Dunyosi Medical Center on the eve of analysis is required. Tell your doctor about medications you are taking and any procedures that took place recently. This will save you from having to ask a lot of questions about the proper preparation and intended date of the study.

We have prepared a memo with which you can control the preparation of the organism for analysis.

Preparing for the blood test. Basic requirements and recommendations:

  • Medication should be stopped at least 14 days before the date of analysis.In studies where the drug concentration of the medicine that you are taking in the blood is to be tested, this is not required.
  • If unable to discontinue the medicines for health reasons, tell your doctor or Tibbiyot Dunyosi Medical Center, and inform the doctor at our laboratory.
  • Avoid spicy, fried foods, foods high in fat and alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing. Do not smoke after one hour before the analysis.Try to avoid physical strain and psychological stress.It is permitted to drink uncarbonated water only, but if possible, drinking should be avoided. Blood taken in the morning is done strictly on an empty stomach.
  • To prevent inaccurate results, do not give blood after physical therapy, instrumental examination, X-ray, ultrasound or massage.

Specific requirements and recommendations in preparation for blood tests: 


  • For 48 hours prior to the test, follow the recommended diet and limit physical activity.Eliminate foods rich in purines from your diet. Limit the intake of liver, kidneys, fish meat, coffee and tea.

 Cholesterol, lipoproteins

  • Avoid eating for 14 hours before analysis.If the purpose of the analysis is not for specific lipid-lowering effect of drugs that lower blood lipids, cancel the intake of the drugs two weeks before analysis.


  • Analysis prohibits the consumption of any beverage other than water.Do not clean your teeth or take drugs.

Glucose tolerance test

  • During the three days prior to the test, observe a low-carb diet and eliminate medical treatments and medications. Do not smoke, eat or drink for 14 hours before the test.Research is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach. A Glucose tolerance test should not be performed after surgery, childbirth or stress. Neither should it be done in the presence of inflammatory processes, alcoholic cirrhosis or hepatitis. The test is not recommended during menstruation, diseases of the digestive tract and malabsorption of glucose. During pregnancy, there are special rules for a study of the individual stages of pregnancy such as the rate of previous pregnancies and hereditary factors. Before the test it is necessary to consult a doctor for detailed recommendations which must be strictly implemented.

Hormonal Examination  

  • Blood for hormones examination is done in the morning on an empty stomach.For 48 hours prior to the examination the diet should be low in fat. Dinner on the eve of the analysis should be light. It is recommended to avoid hypothermia and overheating, as well as physical and psychological stress.

Thyroid hormones 

  • 4 weeks before the test, stop taking all medication that affects the thyroid function. When there is repeated analysis, stop taking the drugs on the day of the analysis. Be sure to tell your doctor and the technician about this, as well as any other medication that you are taking.
  • ACTH, cortisol
  • ACTH and cortisol are stress hormones and their level is subject to cyclical changes. The most informative results can be obtained as a result of research conducted before 9 am.A calm balanced emotional state is recommended with no stress, as the unmotivated release of hormones in the blood will cause an increase in level.

Sex hormones

  • When this study is done, it is necessary to consider the stage of the menstrual cycle.Consult your doctor on which day of the menstrual cycle a particular hormone can be tested for. It is important to do the analysis in the morning in a calm emotional state. 

Tumor markers

General PSA, free PSA

  • Blood for determination of PSA can be taken no earlier than 2 weeks after the biopsy of the prostate and prostate massage. Determination of post-surgical PSA is done not less than 6 weeks after surgery.

  Blood test for the presence of infections

Be sure to stick to a low-fat diet for 2 days prior to analysis.  
It is recommended to avoid eating citrus fruit or orange colored vegetables for 2 days prior to the analysis for viral hepatitis. The analysis for the presence of IgM antibodies should be performed within a week from the onset of the disease. The analysis for the presence of antibodies classes IgG, IgA after 10-14 days from the onset.


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